Veg and Flowers!

It’s been a busy time one way or another! As you gardeners will know, some sun and rain and the garden goes mad at this time of year. Fortunately we haven’t been plagued by rabbits so much this year, the previous two had been a constant battle, but I netted a lot of plants and that has helped. The front garden which is mainly cottage garden plants has been lovely and the astrantia’s, lupins, penstomens and achillia’s continue to flower giving colour and also are great for cutting for the house.The broad beans wintered well and we’ve just finished enjoying them in salads, lightly cooked and buttered and made into a purée with bruschetta. We keep sowing lettuce, chard, spinach and rocket, apart from being easy to grow, I do begrudge paying for bags of lettuce leaves! Having been careful to dig up the dahlia tubers last Autumn, wrap up and store, when I went to plant after the frosts, they had been totally eaten by mice…plan B this year! We first planted dahlia’s 2 years ago and they have been brilliant to use in the b&b as cut flowers, going until September/October. New this summer are heritage carrots, not there yet, but we’ll see if they are successful….just concerned about carrot fly.
We lost a couple of our older hens so just got 3 more and laying well, great for guests breakfasts, baking and cooking.
I’m simmering 2k of rhubarb, sugar and a vanilla pod for the freezer as I write this, so it just needs cooling and bagging and that will keep us in crumbles for a while. I have a recipe for Rhubarb and Ginger Meringue Cake from The Allotment Cookbook, so I am going to make it for our guests. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook as I post any new cakes and other photo’s there.