House and Garden

We have combined the house and garden in the blog as they flow together, so whether it’s a newly decorated room or time for planting veg, we’ll pop things we hope you’ll find interesting here!
January 2020 has been a busy month decorating one of the bedrooms and it’s en-suite and we are delighted with the result. The wallpaper we eventually chose (though we looked at many) was our first choice, we should have gone on instinct, but we continued to just ‘check’! It’s by an artist called Mark Hearld, from York, the name is Harvest Hare and we feel it fits well into our countryside surroundings. We hope you like it too.

A sunny and sheltered spot for two.

Well time has moved on, rather slowly at times as we come to terms with what has happened world wide over the last few weeks. As I write this I hope you are well and starting to consider when you may take that short break away, hopefully in North Yorkshire! Obviously we don’t know when we’ll open our lovely b&b again but we have been busying away mainly in the garden as the weather has been great. I’m often chasing my tail to get the vegetable garden up and running but this year, I have been given plants from friends in the village and sown seeds so it’s springing into life. I’ll start popping some photo’s on here as things progress!

Click to see the chickens enjoying some early morning May sunshine!
Shetland Sheep!
The veg are growing! A blustery day in mid May.

My gardening companion, Alfie. He’s very friendly and always has a tail wag for our guests!

Late May, relax in the early evening sunshine.

I’m sure many of you will have spent more time in your gardens, just like us over the last few weeks, and fortunately the weather during this time has been great! Here are a few photo’s of the garden which we hope you’ll enjoy!

A short video of how the veg patch is progressing! Click below.


We are very fortunate to be able to socially distance guests by setting up this table for 2 in the sunroom and on a sunny morning, what a lovely place to enjoy breakfast!

October and we are still enjoying colour in parts of the garden, this is the view from our breakfast room.