The gallery is a selection of images, (sometimes a bit random!)of life here at Croft House. There are ones of the garden and house, walks and the surrounding countryside, to get a feel of how we live, making our home an enjoyable experience for our guests. You may see some projects on the go, but don’t be alarmed, we do those jobs when we have a quiet spell!

I thought I would just pop this in, since we opened after lockdown 1, we’ve had quite a few returning guests and new ones too, so it was lovely to have such positive reviews in our visitors book.

So enough of flowers for the moment, flower overload….sorry!

As we approached Autumn 2020, our focus was on turning what was originally a garage but has become Stuart’s workshop into a more handsome building with workable space.
We are now in the middle of November and the roof tiles are going on next week.